IDV Specialist Intervention Squad


The IDV:SIN squads are effectively the IDV’s special operations squad, Exterminating gangs, destroying vehicles and removing any opposition to the Red Lady’s rule by any means neccesary. It is understood that they were instrumental in bringing aboud of the IDV’s independence, but how so is not generally spoke of.


They are generally found with full face gas masks, complete with glowing red eye-holes and internal screens that provide them with a full range of vision. They wear a skin tight suit that keeps the interal temperature at a comfortable stable temperature and automatically compresses wounds as well as providing a live biometric feed to their HUD. Their suit is able to be pressurised, allowing them to work in a vacuum or area with contaminated air for a period of up to one hour.
Their weapons vary, having access to a large arsenal. They are commonly surpressed or silenced, due to the nature of their work.
Their efficiency comes in part to their training, reported as gruelling and with an unknown, but high number of fatalities. Those who dont make the cut are sworn to secrecy, on pain of ‘erasure’. It is also helped by the uplink all of the units have to *Midnight_Summer, who can provide them with a live feed from whatever sources she has in the area. As they say in the IDV, There is no running from your SINs.

IDV Specialist Intervention Squad

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