The Nazari Family


The Nazari Family consists of two stepsisters, Lily and Rosalyn. Lily is a student, and Rosalyn works multiple jobs, varying from jewelry store assistant to dominatrix. They moved to the IDV after their mother died, and they were unable to afford repayments on the house they lived in.


Lilith ‘Lily’ Nazari, 26

Rosalyn Nazari, 18


Located in the IDV, almost adjacent to the local Railgun link means the rent on the Nazari’s house is surprisingly cheap, even though they have to put up with the sounds of arriving trains

The house is generally messy enough that you can’t see the floor in some rooms, a combination of old computer hardware, dresses and equipment for Rosalyn’s nightshift. The kitchen, however, is kept sparkling clean, as are Lily’s computers.
In most rooms the floor, ceiling and walls are loose, a result of the duo installing sound-proofing and not being too good at putting the walls and floors back.

The Nazari Family

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