The Independent District of Vermillion


The IDV (or Red Light District as it is known by most,) is ran by Lady Red and her sleazy NDAI *Midsummers_Night. It became independant at sometime 2030, after gang violence began to spiral out of control. After a quick but violent siezing of power by Lady Red in the district, She began acting as District Manager. No-one is exactly sure when she was officially given the position, but given the alternatives, the others quickly accepted her, even going so far as to grant her request for a NDAI to be created from a specific person, supplied by her. This NDAI became *Midsummers_Night.

Despite the rumors circulated outside the district, the District is a surprisingly lawful place. Partially due to the fact that a lot more is legal there, and partially due to the fact that catching The Lady’s attention in the wrong way tends to end with people having an accident.


The Nazari Household



The police patrols are all heavily armed with rifles capable of loading dual-bullet magazines. This allows them to freely switch between rubber and live rounds. The fact they are equipped with less-than-lethal rounds at all times, and the attitude of “shoot first, ask later” means criminals have at least learned not to get caught too easily, lest they be subdued with severe bruising and a few cracked ribs by overenthusiastic guards.

They are all equipped with red police-issue holo-visors, and full-body, lightweight stab-proof armour, along with hand-cuffs, two tear gas canisters, a dual-bullet enabled pistol and some also carry a quadcopter drone, capable of delivering a high quality video-feed to the local district police force network. Compared to most police forces in Nighthower, the IDV Policeforce is considered to be closer to a military, and absolutely brutal to those who break the law.


This will mostly list differences from general Nighthower Republic law.

Minor assault/battery: First offence warning, later offences range from a day to 2 weeks in prison.

Prostitution/escorts and simillar proffesions: Legalized

Class C drugs: Confiscation and warning.

Possession of Class A or B drugs: Up to 1 month in jail, or Confiscation and warning, depending on severity.

Supply of Class A, B or C drugs: Up to 1 year in jail, depending on severity.

Possession of low calibre pistols or ammunition, bolt action rifles or edged weapons in public.: Confiscation and warning, unless clearly for self defence.

Posessions of semi-automatics or medium-calibre ammunition: Confiscation and warning, repeated offences range from 1 day in prison to a month

Posession of full-autos or high calibre ammunition: Imprisonment for a minimum of 2 months.

The Independent District of Vermillion

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