Nighthower City


Nighthower city, a collaboration between the USA, UK and the EU in solving the growing global population, is a city created in the middle of the atlantic. Living in it though, you wouldn’t suspect you were at sea however. It is held 200ft above the ocean by thousands of massive carbasteel pylons, and spans an area about 750km2, half the size of London. A thriving center, it is effectively it’s own nation as of 2025, independent of the union that created it, and is split into a multitude of districts, each ran by a District Manager and their accompanying District NDAI



Ran by *Winters_Solace and ???


Low – Lower-middle class district, mostly residential.

The Independant District of Vermillion

Also known as the Red Light District, the IDV is technically a seperate government from the Nighthower Republic, and is ran by the enigmatic Lady Crimson and her sleezy NDAI *Midsummers_Night.


Inter-District Mag-Lev Rail

The IDMLR, or ‘The Railgun’ as it is affectionately known by those who ride it, is a high speed rail network that links all districts together. Tickets are very low in cost, allowing all but the poorest to easily afford journeys to the opposite side of Nighthower to work.

It’s hardly comfortable however, with acceleration sometimes reaching 2.25Gs, but it allows a journey to the opposite side of Nighthower to take minutes rather than hours.

Roads and Layout

Though cars are less common than on dry land, roads wide enough for them are still common throughout all of Nighthower, and are usually used as paths instead. There are freeways between all the districts, with some speed limits reaching Mach 1 (Assuming you have a car capable of it.)


We’ll go into more detail later, but for now, assume british law and common sense for the most part.

And no funs, americans.

The IDV Justice System

The IDVhas simmilar, but distinct laws compared to the Nighthower Republic.

Nighthower City

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